'Hawaii wildfire death toll grows to 93, making it the deadliest in the US in more than 100 years…'

what is shown there are TREES still standing among homes which are totally gone, all houses burned to the ground and some are still nicely standing??? That's NOT A WILDfire but an intentional incarceration!! Here is what needs to be shown:


boats on fire in water(!!!) ringforming burnings all the way down to the ground! You know what creates these ringstructures? Highpower laser beam crosssection partly blended out, TEM modes of it! OR wi-fi fieds from high power towers/HAARP/ OR since I found one more image like that with more light and circles it is equally possible that entire circular streets were blown away via chain reaction of smart meters using HUGE powers. Years back I had somebody inspect the dirty elecxtricity in our home, what was found? Every ~10 sec a huge pulse over the detector limit, etc. ... Exaclty the same stories from Santa Rosa in 2015, Paradise, all here in CA... The same story from 9/11, MELTED CARS (steel) from burning gasoline... Btw. If this was true what the 9/11 inspection criminals are telling, we would NOT BE DRIVING CARS, it all would be on FIRE!! Smart meters are now here in CA a MUST, unless you threaten the facilities and show them what frequency ranges they beam on us and how strong the pulses are, ~x1000 more than allowable limit!!! The current cities 'authorities', like 'health authorities, are FULL OF CRIMINALS!!! The entire current clan of ;authorities; decides about everyone else!

This is DELIBERATE TARGETING CRIME. Who lives on Maui? Ed Dowd, the no1 whistleblower of the most obvious crime, with the name covid19.. There are also many rich people there..


at 1:49 one can see multiple circles, 'just the homes' are burning???

Just my opinion : there is NOTHING WILD in these fires! I'd call it 'the new Normal' called 'build back better!' write the 3 small b's rotate them 180 deg and you will get 666, all over.

And the criminal arrogance is the worst, written in our faces, and we stand watch and DO NOTHING about it. One conclusion: doing nothing is crime...

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Reminiscent of the Kalifornia incinerations

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"Particle Beam Weapons". It's ALL intentional.

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made long time ago, and this time, not in China....

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This is pertinent, I believe.

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Thanks for this info! Just wonder who were the people who disappeared... And will Bezos build now 5G controlled new little smart city? Maybe there is way more to that than we can imagine.. Remembering from the CA fires, the burned out territories were on new proposed 'sustainable development' plan of the cities, all guided by UN... Owners were not allowed to go back, because of chemical pollution.. Oh found just this one:


'they' indeed do not allo the owners to get back to their burned down properties...

If I remember right, Debra Tavaris mentioned that. In the CA city fires a coordinated blow out of smart meters was also seen... Are these infinite bastards still not happy that they murdered so many via their injections, now the rest put in ashes????

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I don't know who the disappeared people are, but the death count went up to over 90, I believe.

The 'infinite bastards' will never be content with ANYTHING, and I don't think that they will likely change tactics before the curtains drop, either.

Pretty damned saddening that they won't come down from their Ivory Towered High Places, but will keep playing around and ruin it all for almost everyone and everything on this Earth.

Ride the Wave- Hang ten!

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apparently 1000 are missing.. Exactly the same scenario was years back CA, people disappeared with their properties, which were not accessible because of 'danger'...

Only now I kind of go over the 'official news' and how they are trying to 'explain' what happened.. 'Prevention not blaming' and the 'rebuild needs to be adapting to the fast changing environment', while showing all the scientists involved in climate issues..

On this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItnZn9or3zo

at 1.41 you see this white huge tower, just wonder what it IS, while everything around was, i.e. is gone... Everyone is tracked you need ID to get in!!! FEMA will be involved while all UTILILTIES are gone... Who owns the utilities, which most probably all went 'smart'??


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Maybe people will get sick and tired enough to do something about it.... Wait, how can people do much of anything if they're Sick and Tired?

I have only faith in the Truth to sustain me. Blessings to Endure!

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people need to unite, stop being separated.. Also the faith in the Highest Power out there is needed.. This one got it right


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Agreed. But it will be tough when they just torch us. Kind of makes convetional warfare moot. However, I know there are a lot of special forces retired with the adequate skills to shoot the b*astards from long range. Take out a Klauss Schwab here, an obummer there...they'll get the idea.

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thank you

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I wouldn't be surprised if the makeup guy works at a funeral home, he looks like he would fit right in.

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More young Americans are dying – and it's not COVID. Why aren't we searching for answers?

The answer IS and always has been: the fake (VACCINE), the "JAB".

COVID, SARS, SARS-COV2, or what ever OTHER label anyone wants to apply to it - is ALL fictitious. What does exist, is the means of delivering a sickness / death inducing carrier, i.e.,

the JAB "they" call a vaccine. A program began in the early 1960's, (62-63), to develop mRNA, gain of function injectable solutions at the University of N.Carolina, Chapel Hill. This was developed over the course of 50+ years ~ now yielding this "gain-of-function" tool / weapon.

The supposed covid "virus" was nothing more than a MYTH of epic proportion, sold to the world during "Influenza" season. No free floating virus escaped or was unleashed.

ONLY protocols to defend against an invisible, mythical, viral-substance. ALL SOLD to the public via FEAR-MONGERING. And the supposed "vaccines" targeting this fictitious "disease / virus, is doing as designed, DEPOPULATING the "WORLD" at large.

And that's the truth of the matter. Of course, no one wants to believe it, because it makes people feel as if they have been DUPED, (and they were), by the "medical community" which has lead EVERYONE to believe that "they" are your friends, working to build a healthier 'you'. (Balderdash).

And when the NEXT control-scheme, "PLAN-DEMIC "X" comes along ~ everyone, like blind zombies, will line up and fall for the same [shit] all over again.

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Yes. Droughts and giant hail. Manufactured.

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Interesting about the Panama Canal! Teddy would be furious!! Bully!!

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Love the comic cartoons , too damn true!

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