I posted on truth social the night the plane sent out the alert with pics of the distress call and no one responded to it and I haven't seen anything at all regarding this. So frustrating!!!

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Very interesting, the cover of the Economist from 11 years ago. There are many notable items within but the one in the foreground is most telling. There is a machine called "climate change" with what is apparently satan himself with access to it.

He also holds what looks like a copy of the same magazine with the same picture on it as if dictating to his demons everything before him thus intimating that he is running the script BY manipulated climate change which is key to all of it.

He stands separate from all of the chaos of the seven deadly sins below him, high above on a cliff and strangely enough, the controls of climate change are the only control with him, separate from the chaos below suggesting that it is part of the source of it all! Climate change (so-called) is one of the biggest topics which drives the new world agenda and it is CONTROLLED in the form of geoengineering; it's weather warfare because it offers complete control of the weather.

This cartoon gives away the secret that climate change is being manipulated artificially. The bankers are high above the mess on a train heading into a cave or deep into the earth which they will do when their goal of (nuclear) WW3 begins. The only thing the artist left out was a jet or three spraying "chemtrails". 11 years ago. Amazing.

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We like to think that old articles and shows have "predictions" in them, but in reality, most of what we experience now has been meticulously planned. Like children with a secret, they like to throw out hints in plain sight because they know most won't pay attention. And they're right.

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