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Blood clots from "Died Suddenly?" I found that one of the videos claimed to be blood clots from a deceased person and claimed to be caused by COVID vaccines was actually video from 2019 showing a pulmonary embolism taken from a living patient. If there really are all these people dying from clots caused by the vaccines, then they ought not to have to lie about it, don'cha think?

Also, it was pointed out by many funeral directors that during periods when many people were dying from COVID, bodies were placed in refrigeration longer than normal before being prepared for burial, and lots of clots form under those circumstances.

A huge study done on 4 million patients showed extremely elevated risk of blood clots causing heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary embolisms in patients who had recovered from COVID infections for at least a year post-recovery, and that level of risk spared no one who had been infected, regardless of age, severity of infection, or underlying conditions. Risk was high even in young healthy people with very mild infections.

So why would the antivaxxers automatically rush to judgment and blame the vaccines when they don't even know the vaccine status or whether the person who died suddenly had been infected in the last year? The antivax crowd are so hyperfocused on the vaccines that they completely fail to learn anything about the disease itself, and fail to take the virus seriously.

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I've noticed that the people who promote legalized suicide never lead by example. Maybe they should. That would certainly teach us a lesson.

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I'm sure everyone here is also aware what causes very rapid blood clotting. RF radiation has been proven to cause all of these things that a lot of people blaming on the vaccine. Granted it's possible they could be both causing the same issues. If we think about Rouleaux and when it is diagnosed correctly and not by human error it is caused by an increase in cathodal proteins which most definitely coincides with the spike protein.

SPOILER ALERT: Exposure to WIFI or cellular phone RF causes Rouleaux within 10 minutes of exposure.

HINT: Rouleaux is found in all cancer victims.

How many people have you heard of in the last year that has been diagnosed, operated on or died from cancer?

I think it's about time to punish the wicked for their crimes against humanity. They've done enough harm to us and profit from our suffering.

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It's all about perspective!

Always look for that silver lining! It is there!

Love, hugs and persevere yall!

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Sparking on the fingernails. You should see a herd of cattle get het up when sparks start snapping off their horns.

Ergot would cause the squirrel to do that. Something effecting the brain or nerves.

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You think regurgitating what your masters tell you make you sound intelligent?

Your comments are laughable to the point of inexcusable, uneducated ,no personal experience gibberish.

You should come up to Canada, our great leader here has started a new program for people like you. You should sign up. Save everyone else the trouble.

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Colleen I've lost a total of 20 friends and family. Would you like me to send photos of them when they were alive or would you like photos of them at their own funerals.

Your an ignorant piece of sh*t.

I never thought about trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I'll be sure to tell my cousin that his 14 year old son died of a heart attack in his sleep because he wasn't active enough.

Your going to get what you deserve. You aren't even worth a single hair on that young mans head.

He had his entire life stolen from him.

It disgusts me that scum bags like you even get breath the same air as the rest of us.

Do us all a favor and make sure you don't miss a booster it sounds like your overdue

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