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He Praised China for infrastructure rebuilding, when “they” C hina, has the worst lock down atrocities in the world. V.P. Is daughter of C hineese immigrants, first generation… just saying. Oh yes they both think CO2 “Restriction” Are Good. Two candidates running for Pres in 24, are on Epstein list, Rap On! RFK Jr. Announces His VP…

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listen to her talk, her father was an AMERICAN, mother is Chinese. She does not make business with China like Hunter and dad, Joe... RFK is on his way to grasp the intentional climate geoengineering, in particular NOW, when first US state just put a law to prohibit it.

Please point to a single American out there, who is caring for the health of American population.

There is nobody except RFK.

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I live in Oregon… The people running this state absolutely hate us. They are literally trying to destroy small businesses, and farmers. The water regulation is a joke.

For one thing, we’re coming near the end of a El Niño year right now, and we’ve had more rain than we know what to do with! My sidewalks have moss on them Although we may have a hot summer., as we transition into a La Niña weather …And I’m sure they’ll use that to their full advantage to regulate our water and fear-monger us about forest fires. Forest fires that I think they had their hand in 3 years ago when Oregon was ablaze . I’m sick of this climate change BS. They use it as an excuse to control us at every turn. Oregon is a beautiful state with more water than we know what to do with. More trees, more greenery, and Thousands and thousands of acres that can easily be converted into farmland.

Practically anything grows here, we have such a mild climate. Oregon is known for some of the best wine in the world.

My dad was an avid outdoorsman,

Hunter, and fisherman.

He said there are literally hundreds if not thousands of lakes here that aren’t even on the map. I believe him.

The government here regulates the hell out of everything. And if they had their way, they would close all of our public forests, parks and land.

My heart goes out to anyone who wants to start their own farm. I admire people who do this and I think they deserve all the support they can get. I try to buy locally as much as possible especially in the summer and fall.

But we all need to have another Boston tea party soon and dump these so-called ‘elected officials’ into the nearest river.

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With the world in the sorry state it's in these days, sometimes I feel like I've dropped into a Salvatore Dali painting - SURREAL!

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oh, the broken bridge Francis..., was not that far away from Francis Collins' one of the NIH institutes... CERN is not the only one running on antimatter particles, and usually they all start up in spring time, they say for 'energy reasons'..

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