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Hi Manuel,

They keep referring to the state residents here as "Hawaiians". But, we don't say that. 1% of the people here are Hawaiian. To answer that persons "rise up", they would have to understand the history here. This part, most of everyone here but us malahini (new comers) were brought here to work the plantations. So, the way this place runs (I have been here nearly 30 years), is just like a plantation. They are complacent and compliant. In a good way, no one really talks badly about others, but that is also a bad thing. They will NEVER rise up against their masters. Now there are spots where there are actually a more concentrated amount of real "Hawaiians", like Lahaina, for instance. But they always have a hard time coordinating to fight back in a way that makes any sense or that they would be a cohesive group. There are too many factions that want to spout unrealistic ideas (like the schmuck from the DLNR that would release the water of Kane in his 250K job, graduate of Kamehameha schools for sure, in his high rise office, spending the kala (dollar) daily, lecturing others). Or the ones fighting the telescope here on the big island, yaddah yaddah. So you see, the ones in the government just continue to take advantage of that Aloha spirit. And now they bring in the haoles from the mainland to help them destroy the rest of us, (i.e. police cheif, mayor of honolulu, etc). They sell us out for malasadas (donuts) and bragging rights to how important they are (think Maui emergency management head siren guy). Old Green is wetting is little pants to get the big payouts from the globalists. Oh my, more than I have ever written on your site. I like to be short and concise, but today...well there you go. And I didn't even fit in even one conspiracy theory! Pray for those in Lahaina every day and remember when you start to feel sorry for yourself, I hope we will never know the grief of our children burning, losing our family homes and pretty much EVERYTHING, with no explanations due from our government except for something like "i have no regrets for not turning on the sirens". He should be hung in public! They should all be hung! Aloha! (What a rant!)

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Would you mind if I shared this on FB? We don't get to hear from actual people at the site these days, just media lies. Thank you.

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Hi Barbara,

I can't see why not. I am sure there will be those that attack the diatribe, but there you go.



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Here is a perfect example of the above sentiments:


Now, who could laugh after what he did and who would support a woke fool like this after he just assisted in murdering how many of their Hawaiian brothers and sisters?

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Thank you for summing up the entire situation!! Kerry Cassidy had some interesting notes & videos on her Project Camelot. Too many people in the world who are eager to be "bought out"! How does this end??? Then we have the Bible Belters who are waiting for Jesus to come save them....so they do nothing either, to "right" our situation! Makes one wonder about the layer above human leadership that is truly controlling this mess??? We can't see the ones "behind the curtain"!!

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Hillary from south, Bill from north and Joe in the middle.. What a disastrous names!

These big people, that's really an issue, in particular when You look at 2017 movie 'Downsizing' which implies the human body is on the designed way to shrink??? Via covid genetically modifying injections??? Ok lets say epigenetically, at least..

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Thank you Manuel.

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What do I see in the sky?....

A dragon.

A demon/dragon.

A death reaper face.

A huge alien face (eyes & nose).

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Oh yea and nwo will end life as we know it

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About the models sure they are hookers that ate normaly killed in colombia because money hungry change the prices . Latinas r a dime a dozen all whore at 12 dad sells them they love it serious so they love to be flipped like burgers the more the merry

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