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Thanks Canada wildlife feds for the info about moose licking salt off our cars. I'm happy you informed us of the moose need for salt in the winter. If I'm ever in the Canadian Southwest, I'll be SURE to let them lick my car if they approach. They say it's a "traffic hazard" allowing them to lick. What a crock of moose dung. If the poor creatures want salt, I'd even dump a few bags of rock salt so they can get their salt cravings fixed. It seems that government overreach is simply EVERYWHERE. They want to control EVERYTHING. If it's any kind of federal agency in any country of the world, they must sit around in think tanks working to find ways to control every aspect of every behavior of we the people.

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“Younger baby boomers are facing a homelessness crisis as rents skyrocket and outpace Social Security… 43.6% of adults became homeless for the first time after turning 50…” This is so true. When I moved to my town my rent was $600 for a furnished place that included Wi-Fi, water and electric. Now I’m faced with a landlord that has increased my rent every year, refuses to make repairs, has broken their own lease in multiple ways and they had until Jan 3 to send me a letter letting me know if they intend to renew the lease or increase the rent. arm I’m paying $775 and I pay all utilities - for a 1986 ancients mobile home. They tell me I’m not allowed to have people visit, no children, etc. even for a few hours. The last straw is their relative abandoned her cat and it’s now on my property and the landlord expects ME to care for the cat - but my lease says no pets!

They show up whenever they like with no notice and I think they are mentally disturbed anyway lol! I’m totally disabled at 66 and my Social Security is stretched at its limit now. So I guess I’m calling an attorney tomorrow. The lowest rent in the area ghat I’ve found was $1200 month you pay all utilities for a studio!! My SSI is $1281 per month. Sooo I guess I may be leaving the area!

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I sure hear you and feel your pain! So many of us. Consider conus unlivable and untenable in a flash. Consider checking out the Substack blog for THE REFUGE at Living Waters in Puerto Rico. Email me for more info.

God Bless!

Love Always,



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I’m a little disappointed the video didn’t show the “Cannonball!”

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