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In case some of you on this platform don't know our government has become the enemy. Trust nothing, comply with nothing and don't watch ANY MSM news. I'm sure most of you already know. Our time here is short.

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Amazing, no? No Women Lib people are protesting with happened to college women in Afghanistan. Men in their party told them to shut up. They obey.

N more coffee? Sounds like the same asinine BS they had over the banana, screeching NO MORE BANANAS. Coffee grows wild in most semi-dry subtropics today, just as wild bananas are found in wet tropics but also as far north as Canada (yes, there are varieties that survive there). Avocados are a wet tropics fruit, but have been found growing wild in Arizona, Cali, and Texas. They can be found growing in some pretty dry, chilly places all over the world. Wet diaper whining sells copy.

Baby is a great article. No more cartels is great!

What’s the difference between dems and Pubs? Dem literally get away with murder, stealing, tyranny, bigotry. Pubs always have a liberal proctologist sticking his head in private places to get a better smell.

Russia, Ukraine, Dems, and all liberals are cursed with nazism.

The only thing normal about weather is it’s never normal. The devil controls the winds, and it takes an act of God to stop him. if anyone thinks we’re not under the curse of apostasy, do what I tell Muslims to do, read Deuteronomy 28:2-13 and see what blessings we’ve lost. Like all good fathers, there’s times Dad has to give an erring nation a spanking. Worse case is, Washington’s 3rd Valley Forge prophecy is closer now than ever.

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I read the clip below with interest. The one where our government is the enemy. I am 68 now, and I have lived through many attacks by the "government". The enemy? How could the government of tyrants, fascists, socialists, marxists, communists, and destroyers of freedom and liberty, be anything else but "the enemy"??? We just have to wait until they have totally destroyed the nation that has been overthrown from within the last 120 years, themselves, and the "enemy", and then hope there is something left for us to pick up the pieces and start again. I have a recommendation. It is called the BLUEPRINT. It will be coming out in 2023 as a "HOW TO BOOK...". Instructions to make sure the "enemy" NEVER come to power again and men and women who want a return to freedom and liberty with teeth, is installed.. It will require men and women that are strong, honest, unafraid, have nothing to lose, and willing to do what must be done. Snowflakes and Karens not included. Look for it...

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