Today the UN will publish the final draft of a bill which will remove all your rights to privacy...

See, here's the thing. . . These "people" who pretend to be in charge, are only "in-charge" because "WE" ALLOW them to be. In the command hierarchy, "WE THE PEOPLE" OUTRANK, OUTWEIGH, and OUTGUN the IDIOTS that believe they are running ANYTHING, in sheer numbers of "US" versus "them."

I do believe it's high time we demonstrated this FACT.

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I think you are right!

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It's too late to rise up against them. Why? Because we have let time run out on ourselves. We have trusted the status quo while they operated in compartmentalized secrecy all these years PLANNING for an uprising of "we" the people. In fact, they are INSTIGATING an uprising of the people at this moment. They WANT us to rise up so they have a reason to take this battle to the next level.

If a MAJOR uprising did somehow get organized, they would simply wipe us out. Zbigniew Brzeziński said c. 2009, "it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people." If we rose up, they would perhaps release the obvious - nuclear weapons. They would fry the earth and then retreat to their underground cities they have been building for the last 50 years.

They have MAJOR, luxurious living quarters deep underground all over this earth. I believe they have hypersonic maglev trains connecting these cities, even under the sea at this point, transporting them from NY to Paris in an hour.

And if they didn't want to use nukes on those who rose up, they would simply use any of the other, plethora of deadly technology they have kept hidden from the world since WW1. We just witnessed some of this technology released on Maui in the form of Directed Energy Weapons which they admit possessing. Funny how they never mentioned any of these weapons by their bought and paid media puppets; such knowledge isn't for the useless eaters. That's what we are to them, ya know... useless eaters.

They're WICKED and they hate GOD and God's creation especially MANKIND so they're destroying it all. They have been telling us they want us dead for years (Georgia Guidestones) yet the willfully ignorant people simply stare into their "me" phones walking backwards off the cliff so intent on sharing a "selfie" of who knows what (and who cares either) allowing themselves to be programmed into submissive, passive law abiding citizens who question NOTHING, most even allowing themselves to be INJECTED REPEATEDLY with UNKNOWN chemicals, chugging down the Kool Aid then asking for MORE!

No, Minister Marc, our ONLY hope at this point (or any other) is JESUS CHRIST our Savior, Advocate, Lord, God, Creator, Provider and Sustainer. HE is and has been the ONLY hope for anyone in this world and that should be abundantly evident in this age, the end of the age of Grace.

He is allowing those who rule over us secretly and deceptively to carry out their plan, building up their own punishment (which we who love Jesus will get to see; Psalm 91:8 KJV) till the appointed time when He will come to this earth (in the sky, not yet touching the earth) call out all of those who love Him and have been WASHED by His Blood and have had their sins removed and the dead in Christ will rise first then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them to meet Him in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Wherefore comfort one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 KJV) This is GREAT comfort to me and with the passing of each day He gets closer to coming for us. All things have converged at this time and are happening at lightning speed and with lightning speed He will come for us!

In a moment, the TWINKLING of an eye (MUCH shorter time than a blink) we will be changed into glorious, immortal bodies and we will see Him as He is because we will be LIKE Him in similar bodies which are beyond our limited imaginations to begin to understand. This will happen very soon and very suddenly and I'm READY. I can hardly WAIT.

It's still not too late for anyone to join up with us, very few selected people God has ever made and which He put in this time; the time of His coming for us in the Rapture of the Church and who very well may NEVER SEE DEATH! (1 Corinthians 15:51)

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Warp speed could probably get you through the Van Allen Belts safely, but 25K mph is like sitting in a microwave for at least 90 seconds, each way; assuming you can come back. 🚀

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Very cool images from SOHO 👍

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This topic is tip of the iceberg IMHO. That churches existing today in this era were burned down because stories of long ago eras emerged is representative of a madness that has grabbed the wheel of our society. Yes, there are many true accounts of atrocities committed against indigenous peoples all over the world, not just what is now called the American continent. The book Code Talkers is a classic revelation of how Navajo children were mistreated by Catholic run schools in the western US. History is replete with the actions of humans doing unspeakable things to other humans and often in the name of religion - not just Christianity.

However, the new mindset is to punish people now for things done long ago. In spite of huge progress made in human relationships in the last half century. If I had to take a deep dive and examine the part of the iceberg below the surface, I suspect I would see a monster that is determined to wreck the ship of civilization once and for all. We are at war with dark principalities for sure.

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Sep 3, 2023·edited Sep 3, 2023

you're right that others have committed violence and should be held accountable. Hence Europe's current Eastern (Arab) invasion should be discussed and remedied as the people now demand. I would not suggest Arab crimes of the past should be overlooked especially with their current activities in Europe.

FYI "mistreated" is too tame a word to describe what those children endured. Having your culture literally beaten out of you is part definition of genocide. Many ended up dead from abuse.

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Wrong. No one is trying to "punish" anyone for past genocide, even if so I don't see why admitting it is such a problem. People should be relieved of the burden of their crimes because they happened long ago?

The owner of this site is dishonest & sly, posting inaccurate claims with nothing to back them up & then agreeing with weak deflection and excuses. Your comments are boldfaced deflections from what natives are doing -


What about that is so hard to understand? These graves exist, have been found before (I posted 1 example) so not finding graves in one site does not mean it never happened.

It is not "racist" to discuss it either, as the site owner comically claims. Is it racist for whites to discuss black on white crime of the past?

Can natives discuss current crimes against them & their lands or is that racist against whites too?

Funny how that works differently for whites in North America who insist - which is their right - to uncover past wrongs by Israel and company. Suddenly for indigenous folks it's well you should forget about the past.

Your comment is mostly meaningless word salad designed to excuse plain bigotry.

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I have a friend who believes the Govt will use the aliens as the excuse to explain “the rapture”, as my Christians believe it’s Armeggedon

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thank you

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Miigwech for all the articles Manuel.

Lots of great information. Lots of research. Take care.

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Sep 1, 2023·edited Sep 1, 2023

It's sly & inaccurate for you to claim the MSM won't report on results of Canadian excavations & to imply that the natives are some hostile anti-white force. The actual indigenous chiefs themselves are on record as saying they're not sure if graves were there & they want to know the full truth as it was given mass exposure by international media. They were the ones hyping it and making claims not yet verified. The chiefs actually announced the results of excavation. It's been reported all over & for a long time the so-called alternate sites were full of white people complaining that the Canadian natives were lying about everything, despite the reality of the residential schools & the real population reduction of indigenous Canadians. One excavation had the masses screaming 'anti-white' and denying the reality of native history. This story was given exposure by the mainstream media & exaggerated by them, not the natives. Also, the mass graves do exist, they just exist in cemeteries where they were buried after abuse & sterilisation from residential schools. I don't know why you're implying it's "racist" for natives to discuss simple facts about their history. Are only white Canadians allowed to discuss their history? Funny how no media - MSM or otherwise- mentions Kevin Annett or the missing or murdered indigenous women near the oil workers, or the forced sterilisation or many of the other incidents for which evidence exists. The reaction of certain groups to this - automatic denial of entire native history - is telling.

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Sep 2, 2023·edited Sep 2, 2023

Two native news sites acknowledging nothing found in these particular digs:



Here's AP article showing why it's reasonable to dig in the first place, because bodies HAVE BEEN FOUND in the past plus the little problem of 1000s of missing native kids:


Results of dig also posted on Daily Mail (where loads of Brits are busy degrading natives, calling them liars & saying abuse never existed) & many MSM US sites. NY Post is a pretty popular conservative site & they're rarely decent towards natives there.

This is not an anti-white attack as you imply. Not everything in the media is.

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