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The Betz Sphere:

Maybe it was alien tech? Spectrographic analysis was very interesting. I didn't buy the check valve dismissive conclusions. I think it was very strange. Funny, I do not remember that story in 1974. I was a teen, in boarding school, and had no tv then.

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At least the nurses aren't making tik tok videos any longer.

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Flooding video with swift water:

I called my best friend in California. We lived in a canyon as neighbors, and had flooding back in 1969. That swift water video is what water was doing down our canyon. Flooded our house. He remembers. He still lives near our old street. I asked him if anything was flooding like it did when we were kids. He said, no. Just raining.

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Sun poking through early in Russia.....'AND SCIENTISTS DON"T KNOW WHY"!!!!

I am seeing this more and more every single day....SCIENTISTS DON"T KNOW WHY!!....DOCTORS DON"T KNOW WHY".....They need a new career!

Gates knows, Schwab the Slob knows, Harari Kari knows, etc.....so why do not these 'specialists in the field know'??

Gates did not even graduate college, yet he is an ex-spert on medicine??

Schwab is a fat fag slob that has an upper lip wanting to join his chin and his fag buddy Harari looks like mickey mouse could break him in half, and they know what is best for the world???

Anyone see a problem here??

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Oh So True!


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On the Brooklyn hum, you know that's gotta be deliberate. The insanity that screams in that entire state asks why not?

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Giant Tree Picture:

Hollow something like that out, and it would make an interesting home. I could live inside easily. Pretty massive size on that monster.

Meteor/ Fireball Europe:

That was quite a few different angles of view. Makes me wonder if Nibiru is dragging more into our scope of view. I guess when they start making impacts by the dozen it will get more Biblical, eh?

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There will be signs in the heavens Luke 21:7-28 Here’s a good take. https://www.bibletools.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/Topical.show/RTD/cgg/ID/3842/Signs-in-Heavens-.htm

I still have a problem with the government in the Canaries allowing people to build in a know lave flow zone. Sum-buddy got a housing contract?

A low rumble for us, not a hum. I’ve heard it all over the US and in Mexico.

Ozone cometh and ozone goeth. The sun cooks oxygen molecules and makes ozone. A volcano blows off methane and destroys it.

That business of 4 warbots killing Japanese researchers was bad enough, especially with the one teaching itself how to repair and improve…

Colds and flu? We use zinc and herbals like ground cloves. For itchy throat, I like chew. Nasal congestion, trouble breathing calls for medicated scotch snuff.

I love it when a prayer comes together! Trump declassified documents and kept them and liberals tried to hard, again, to send him in prison for doing something legal. As God wills, the dems are now faced with the sort of crime they said Trump committed. Biden was VP and had no rights to these documents. Given his track record, we can only assume he wanted to sell them.

ratsach: to murder, slay

Original Word: רָצַח

Part of Speech: Verb

Transliteration: ratsach

Phonetic Spelling: (raw-tsakh')

Definition: to murder, slay

Strong's Concordance

harag: to kill, slay

Original Word: הָרַג

Part of Speech: Verb

Transliteration: harag

Phonetic Spelling: (haw-rag')

Definition: to kill, slay

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