Hi Manuel. Your reports on all the happenings in the world is so necessary albeit oft times disturbing. Thanks for your newsletters.

Since 2004, roughly, have i been researching technologies of the beaten track as it was my conviction we are being controlled by evil, as scripture teaches.

One specific technology I experience a great necessity to share at present is the one concerning orgonite, and a DIY orgone converter which would help fight back against geo-engineering attacks we are facing right now.

I have prepared a DIY document with description of the technology and the successes with a few persons. In short this orgonite machine is mechanically tuned to absorb bad energy in the upper atmosphere (HAARP) and transforms it into healthy atmospheric energy. Construction of this device is simple and the materials are readily available.

I would like to send you this info to check out with the hope that you may share this to everyone.

If you are interested please drop a link.

Best regards


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