I took note that on the video describing the strange animal behavior, one of the "experts" remarked that "wood-burning stoves", then chemicals, then weather phenomena - in that order- were thought to be the cause (around 1:20).

This is called "mis" and "dis"information, putting the spin on the Truth, whatever It might be...

Thanks for your work!

I wish that I could support you, and All of the Working Warriors of Truth in a fiscal fashion, but I am not ashamed to admit to being extremely "poor" when it comes to $$.

I give what I can, and ask that it be Enough...

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I am so proud of Brasilia right now. They are on the ground and pounding the communist pigs! Millions fighting for freedom!

The Indio chief was imprisoned you know, and his health issues are ailing him too. So, I expect the tribal leaders will get really pissed off now. He has a wife and many children. Not good to be a communist pig today in Brasilia.

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Truly bizarro times.

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Strange Sounds, is a daily must read .... kudos.

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I'm a bit behind, but catching up. Thank you for your work Manuel. That vid of 9/11 was vivid, for lack of a better term.

Peace & Love my friend.

Move forward with the Lord+

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Folmer is nothing new in PA. Both juvenile court judges found guilty of selling some 2,000 teens and preteens (kids for cash) hope for release soon. They paid the gratuities and will eventually be found good for parole. One will head to a farm in Maine bought as a private hunting club, the other to a beach-front condo in Florida.

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