A ghost ship sighting

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 4, 2021...

A picture of the Veil Nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope…

Pestilence… plague…

Utah earthquakes are different

Mysterious shaking booms in Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut

Weird cloud, no?

Biblical floods and deluge

Woman gives birth to twins conceived three weeks apart

Leak at wastewater pond prompts evacuations in Florida

Completely new hydrocarbon cycle discovered in the oceans…

Many reported these last days around the world

Wind apocalypse

Florida manatees are dying at an alarming rate

Beautiful tornado in Argentina…

Texas: Forty-seven days without running water after the Winter Storm

Fire! I waited way too long

Boredom affects sleep quality

A lion seen in the Atlas Mountains, during a flight on the Casablanca-Dakar air route. The photograph taken by Marcelin Flandrin in 1925 is the last visual record of a wild ‘Barbary’ lion of North Africa…

A ghost ship in the Netherlands…

Always drink cleen water… (affiliate)

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