This is biblical...

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 30, 2021...

Microburst in Phoenix, Arizona…

Apocalyptic hail in Texas and Oklahoma. Amazing videos and pictures

Vikings created a massive boat in this volcanic cave to ward off the apocalypse

After the volcanic eruption, St Vincent and the Grenadines is now facing major floods and lahars after up to 5 inches of rain in 6 hours

The Cascadia rupture is about to happen

New drone photos of Lake Oroville depict California’s worsening drought

Drought nasty problem for salmon

Meanwhile, a giant octopus spotted on Byron Bay beach, Australia. Picture by Jarrah Brailey

US on high alert after at least two mysterious directed-energy attacks occurred on American soil

The novel coronavirus work really well on influenza… It has completely disappeared

But I would stay away from the vaxxed

Like a scene out of the Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Birds, thousands of corellas have been filmed taking over a suburb on the NSW South Coast.

Moringa is now becoming the preferate superfood for preppers… Learn why here

Condom sales are surging again

FBI shares citizens' gun purchase data with INTERPOL...

Baby Swordfish this little guy can grow over 1000 lbs.

Another mystery along Cascadia: melting of Earth’s crust

Scientists spot another unexplained ring-shaped radio structure in space

Russian warplanes are buzzing Alaska at the highest rate since the collapse of the Soviet Union

Why is this solar activity information being released at this moment ?

We can’t do a thing to stop UFOs

A city in Switzerland is offering beggars travel vouchers to any destination in Europe in exchange for agreeing not to return

New research reveals the cause of Mexico City’s rapidly sinking and fracturing ground...

A strange geoengineered cloud… Why is this fallstreak hole square?

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